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Data Privacy Legislation

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems does Heureka support?

Heureka supports Microsoft® Windows® 7+, MacOS® 10.5+ and multiple versions of Linux®.

Do you support file shares?

Absolutely! Heureka works across multiple file shares with options to improve performance when the share sizes get really big.

Does local endpoint indexing slow my system down?

No, Heureka was built from the ground-up with user performance in mind. We have specific endpoint tuning to help throttle and govern the amount of resources the indexer uses when running. Most users will never even know we are there.

Is all indexed information centralized back to a server or appliance?

Absolutely not! All Heureka indexes remain local on each endpoint. We do not duplicate custodian information to search or analyze it. File metadata-only is transferred to the Heureka Command Console when identified via a search.

Does Heureka require extra software licenses such as SQL or Microsoft Office?

No, Heureka uses the opensource PostgreSQL database to hold search query information. No extra licenses are required.

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